Monday, October 20, 2014

Club Update!

Our next NRA Pistol Safety Course is coming up on Sunday, November 2nd at 8 a.m.  Education is the key to responsible gun ownership and usage. In our 8 hour course, we give students Knowledge; we assist them in developing Skills and...we emphasize the importance of maintaining an Attitude of safety in all aspects of gun handling! This type of instruction can't be given in any "condensed" handgun safety course! 
         The fee...$ to register!

The KR&G Annual Big Buck Contest is underway and here are the rules:

  • This contest is for Members (in good standing) ONLY!

  • Deer MUST be taken in New York State

  • Deer MUST be tagged correctly and only with YOUR tag!  No family/friend’s tags will be accepted.

  • Members MUST present their own rack, not someone else’s

  • Members MUST be present when final winners are announced at the February 2015 meeting.
Register no later than our December 5th membership meeting!  Junior Members will automatically be included on their parents registration.

Antler score will determine winners in each category, one for Bow and one for Gun. The prize?  $150.00!  Winner names will be added to the KR&G Wall Plaque.

The club Board of Directors will immediately review any discrepancies, in tagging or with any information regarding Deer taken illegally.

Have questions?  Send them along!
Special thanks to all who attended our Annual Turkey Shoot on October 5th!  It was a great event, as usual!  More than 30 shooters competed for prizes and bragging rights before sitting down to a big lunch of Roasted Turkey with the trimmings, Venison Chili and more.  It was...a very good day!

Get out and VOTE - Tuesday, November 4th! 
It's not just your's your OBLIGATION!  Vote for those candidates who support every legal, responsible, gun owner!  The head anarchist in Albany is ready to move forward with UN-Safe Act 2, legislation aimed at punishing law-abiding citizens and legal businesses.  Don't think that your vote won't make a difference!  Just DO it!