Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Events...and more!

Summer is slowly winding-down once again and the Kent Rod & Gun Club is pleased to look back on several great events, but...it's not over yet!

Registration for our Annual Big Buck Contest is underway and the deadline for all club members to get their name on the contest list is Friday, October 7th....ALL registration MUST be done, in person, at our membership meeting.  Again, this competition is open to club members only and members must present their own rack!  Don't miss out...we have a lot of people ready to bring their best rack to the judge's table; all prizes will be awarded at our February 2017 membership meeting.

Great fun ahead on Sunday, October 9th when our yearly Turkey Shoot takes place and everyone is welcome! 
Admission will be $20.00 for...1 Raffle Ticket for a $$Cash Prize$$, 1 free round of shooting, a light breakfast and a terrific lunch of Turkey and all the trimmings.  Additional rounds: $3.00, Additional Raffles: $5.00.  Bring along Slug Guns (Sabots if you wish) and Muzzleloaders.  Please...NO Rim fire!!  And...after the shoot is over, there will be some fun pistol shooting so feel free to bring along your favorite firearm!

Please respond no later than September 30th if planning to attend...just "shoot" us an email...