About our club...

The Kent Rod & Gun Club, established in 1948, is located on Richardsville Road, in the town of Kent, in Putnam County, New York.

Our membership application protocol is that any individual seeking membership must be sponsored by a current club member, in good standing and actively involved in our club.  
Membership openings, when available, are open to Kent residents who have resided here for a minimum of one year. 
 Both the sponsoring member and prospective applicant must come to the desk at one of our membership meetings for introductions and to request an application for future review by our Board of Directors.  
The acceptance of any application does not guarantee club membership.  Those members sponsoring an individual will play a significant role during the probationary period of that new member.

We are proud to be a 100% affiliated NRA Gold Medal Club, offering hunting and target facilities for outdoor sportsmen.  We also provide use of our shooting ranges to local law enforcement agencies for their qualifying purposes...both the Kent Police Department as well as the Putnam County Sheriff’s Department.

Each year, our club proudly sponsors two children of club members to attend one of the camps run by the Department of Environmental Conservation...Colby, DeBruce, Rushford and Pack Forest.  The DEC camps combine environmental education, hunter education programs and outdoor recreation into an adventurous experience.  With each one-week session, campers benefit from hands-on exploration, discovery groups, science projects, recreation and making many friends while learning about the interconnectedness of life on earth.

Also sponsored by the Kent Rod & Gun Club are Pistol Safety Courses taught by highly qualified NRA Instructors.   Environmental issues are also part of the club’s yearly agenda with respect to wildlife management, food plots and small game habitat.

Yearly social and sportsman events featured by the club are geared toward member families and friends as well as the public.  Just a sampling of events includes...

  • Pan Fish Derby (for the children)
  • Turkey Shoot
  • Ice Fishing Derby 
  • Big Buck Contest
  • Family-Fun Week-end 
  • Annual Family BBQ 

The Kent Rod & Gun Club has partnered, with New York City Department of Environmental Protection, in a Quality Deer Management program, for various properties, which the club posts, as well as various New York City Watershed properties, in the Richardsville Road Management Area.

Future accomplishments of the Kent Rod & Gun Club will strive to continue on the path of providing continuing education and facilities for young people that will assist in developing their awareness, appreciation and ultimate preservation of the environment along with responsible hunting and fishing practices, in accordance with the governing charter of this club.

Mailing Address:

Kent Rod & Gun Club
Post Office Box 704
Carmel, New York 10512

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