Range Rules

RANGE HOURS:  to 1/2 hour before published sunset

Entrance gate to club is to remain open while anyone is on club grounds. Upper Gate is to be closed, with Flag UP while upper range is in use and line of fire crosses the driveway.  Same for Rear Gate to back range.

All members and guests must sign Range Log books, FIRST and LAST NAMES, time in/out, and legibly list calibers and number of rounds shot.

All guests must be accompanied by a member at all times. Each member is permitted one guest.  All firearms will be benched or holstered (not handled) when anyone is downrange. 


Benched firearms are to be in an open and safe condition.


Report any unsafe activity or range rule violations to a club Officer or Board Member.


Eye and Ear protection is required on all gun ranges.


Paper targets only.  No glass, plastic, cans or “junk” targets permitted. No exploding targets.


No rapid firing.  Timed fire/Controlled, aimed shots only.


Standard, commercial and reloaded ammunition is permitted. No tracer, incendiary, gas or explosive ammunition permitted.

  • 50 cal. BMG rounds are prohibited
  • Fully automatic firearms are prohibited

No Alcoholic beverages on any range.

No shooters under 18 years of age without an adult club member supervising.


Remove all live or misfired ammunition from the range.



One more reminder to all members using club ranges....if you bring it IN, take it OUT with you!

Clean up when you are done shooting. 

Spent casings and shells may be placed in the appropriate containers provided.  

All used targets, empty ammunition boxes or other garbage is to be taken off club grounds.

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