Monday, April 16, 2012

Spring Clean-up Thanks!

The KR&G had an outstanding turnout on Sunday, April 15th for our Spring Clean-up and thanks go out to everyone who pitched-in to do some impressive work around our club.

A great deal of maintenance was done to our range areas, plus, club grounds had piles of leaves and twigs removed.  Members were everywhere,  working with leaf blowers and rakes.  Wood chips were put on the path leading to our back range and Item 4 was placed on our driveway; also, staining to the repaired area of the shooting benches damaged in last year's storm was done.


As always, special thanks goes to Fred Adams for picking-up materials as well as Jim and Jay Piekarski along with John Albert for helping with their machines.

The club kitchen its own busy crew cleaning and re-organizing cabinets and drawers, taking a break to serve a hearty lunch to all our workers.

Again, many thanks to everyone who did such a great job!   More photos of our shooting ranges are over on our Random Shots page, stop by and take a look!

Kevin McGuinness, President
Kent Rod & Gun Club

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