Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Summer Clean-up

Sunday, July 29th was a busy and very productive day at the Kent Rod & Gun as several members worked on various projects at our club.

Kevin Whittaker designed and started building a new Shooting Station at our front range a few days ago; a few helping hands brought it closer to being finished.

 Kevin made even more progress on July 31st when he finished putting up the walls.   

Don Hopko installed some outdoor carpeting down on our back range shooting stations while John Geist and Erik Lawton did some pretty impressive tree-trimming

In addition to all our members who pitched-in for the day, and who will be thanked again at our next meeting (in case anyone has been overlooked), a big shout-out to:

Jim Chenevey...
Refrigeration Engineer

Rich Armbruster...

BBQ PIT Technician

John Blazquez, John Pecora, John Pecora, Jr and John Sparano...
Assistant Carpenters 

Matthew McGuinness and Eric Lawton...
Refurbishers of the Horseshoe Pits

Paul Kuhfeldt & Pat Barry...

Second Story Maintenance Crew (Roof mold remediation)

Yolanda Fitz, Danielle & Nicole Mastrobuono...
Kitchen & Refrigerator Maintenance

Rich Othmer, Fernando Goncalves, Red Mastrobuono, Mike Thomas, Tom Curley, Russ Hughes and Matt Brancato...
Anything & Everything Maintenance

John Albert...
Club Record Maintenance (Stats, Facts & Figures)

Thanks all.  Your participation helps to keep our club operating like a well-oiled machine!

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