Tuesday, September 17, 2013

NRA Personal Protection Inside the Home Training Course

NRA Personal Protection Inside the Home Training Course



Sunday, October 20, 2013 -  8:00 a.m.


Kent Rod & Gun Club

223 Richardsville Road, Kent Cliffs, NY


Robert P. Firriolo

NRA Certified Instructor and Attorney at Law


In this full-day course, students will learn basic defensive shooting
skills, strategies for home safety and responding to a violent
confrontation; laws concerning firearms and self-defense; dealing with
the aftermath of a self-defense shooting; and how to choose a
handgun for self-defense.

Using a firearm responsibly and ethically; developing the proper mindset;
understanding your state of mental awareness; mental preparation and physical
training for personal protection and facing a life-threatening encounter.

Live-fire exercises including fundamentals of defensive marksmanship; understanding
defensive accuracy; cover and concealment; sighted, flash-sight and point shooting;
standing and kneeling positions; time-distance exercise.

Understanding laws and regulations concerning purchase, transfer and possession ofhandguns; the law pertaining to the use of deadly force; potential criminal and civil legal  actions following a defensive encounter.

Strategies and methods to protect your personal safety at home and in public, and for responding to a potentially life-threatening encounter; mentally preparing for the aftermath of a violent confrontation; methods for safely storing a personal protection pistol.


$165 ($15 NRA Member Discount) – $30 Deposit due by Oct. 11

Valid NYS pistol license & prior shooting experience* are required to take this course. * One of the following is required: NRA Basic Pistol certificate; NRA FIRST Steps (pistol) certificate; NRA pistol competitive shooting qualification card; NRA pistol instructor credentials; military DD-214 with pistol qualification; or passing the Pre-Course Assessment
For Registration:

Contact Rob Firriolo by e-mail: ny19evc@yahoo.com or by phone at:  516.526.8595

                                 Seating is limited; register ASAP.

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