Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Rest easy...

This year marks the 75th Anniversary of the Kent Rod & Gun Club and, with that, a reminder that our club and its membership have been part of the Kent community since 1948.

For our club, it's all about...community!  Reaching out and lending support when needed, not just to our membership but to those organizations who do the same for all Kent residents.  

This past March, our Kent Police Department dealt with the devastating loss of two of their K-9 Officers, Raven and Maverick, within three days of each other.  To state that this was heartbreaking is an understatement, especially for Sgt. Ashe and Sgt. VanderWoude of the Kent Police Department, both who were companions and family to both dogs.

During his career, K-9 Radar, known for having a gentle side and gentle heart, apprehended felons, recovered narcotics and reunited loved ones with their families.  K-9 Maverick, along with K-9 Radar, assisted the Kent Police, and surrounding communities, with locating stolen property, tracking missing children, criminal suspects and detecting narcotics.  When K-9 Maverick wasn't on patrol, his joy was being with his family.

Our club, and its membership, recently sent a donation in support of the Town of Kent Police Department's K-9 Unit.  It is our hope that others will do the same so that our police department can continue their service and commitment to our Kent community.

Rest easy, Radar and Maverick.  Thank you for your service.

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