Sunday, July 27, 2014

Club Update

Summer is more than half-way over but the events at our club keep rolling along!

Our recent Summer Clean-up at the club was a huge success with the completion of new deck stairs and a much-needed re-organization of our clubhouse basement.  Those members who went above and beyond to lend a hand as well as those who can always be counted on to assist at club events cannot be thanked enough.

On the calendar:

  • General Membership Meeting - Friday, August 1st at 8 p.m.

  • Our Family BBQ - August 2nd at 1 p.m.  RANGES CLOSED ALL DAY.   This promises to be one more fun event at the Kent Rod & Gun Club.  Reservations are now closed and there will be no walk-ins the day of the event.   If you missed the deadline, just remember we will be doing it year! 

  • NRA Pistol Safety Course - Sunday, August 17th. RANGES WILL BE CLOSED FROM 12 TO 3 P.M. Contact John Sparano to members and immediate family pay a discounted course fee of $25.00. For everyone else, the fee is $95.00 for our 8 hour course, complete with range time. Remember, this is a necessary course for first-time pistol license holders as well as those needing to do an upgrade on an existing license. 

  • Family Camp-out - Saturday, September 6th.  RANGES WILL CLOSE AT 4 P.M. One of our most popular club events and a fun time for kids and adults.  Tent set-up will be late in the afternoon, the grill will be fired-up to cook whatever campers bring along.  Desserts and side-dishes will be more than welcome!


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